Thelemic Workings: the Tree of Night

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

For those of you attending this Friday (17th September 2016) Thelemic Workings, there will be a further development, based upon the firm foundations of our group Thelemic Middle Pillar work, by way of an experiential Tree of Night Thelemic and Tantric practice. In this way, we have the opportunity to begin to open up to the multi-dimensional potentialities of the Tree of Life and welcome the forthcoming Dark Season, about to be ushered in by the Autumn Equinox.

The redintegration of the Shadow via the imaginal idea of the darkside explores magical possibilities for integration beyond contemporary psychological theory – the repressed shards of our own shadows, the energies and aspects often characterised as daimonic, can become powerful forces for transformation via gnosis bringing us to the ecstatic realisation of our full potentials in life. One of the primary inspirations for this type of work is that sparked by the terse and enigmatic Liber CCXXXI.

This meditative, stripped down, neo-shamanic style of practice perhaps also echoes and essays the second of the Master Therion’s two opposite methods of exploring the Astral Plane:

“…(b) One may proceed by invoking the required idea, and giving body to the same by attracting to it the corresponding elements in nature.”

– p 503, from Notes for an Astral Atlas, Appendix III, pp, 499-512, Magick Liber ABA Book Four – Parts 1-IV, Second Revised Edition, Weiser 2004.

Love is the Law, love under will