November 2017 e.v. Bulletin

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. 

Greetings on the Day of the Dead! The Sun is in Scorpio and remains there until the 21st of the month before passing into Sagittarius. The Atu that refers to Scorpio is Atu XIII, Death. The principal planetary attributions of the card are Saturn and Mercury. The legs of Osiris in Atu XIII convey the glyph of Saturn and the fish connects with the function of Mercury as the psychpomp, the guide of the dead, and “as the continuing elastic element in nature.” 
The Master Therion divides the interpretation of this Atu in to three parts represented by the Scorpion, the Serpent and the Eagle. He explains and expounds on this symbolism in Chapter 157 of Liber Aleph:
“Threefold is the Nature of Love: Eagle, Serpent, and Scorpion. And of these the Scorpion is he that, having no Lion of Light and Courage within him, seemeth to himself encircled by Fire, and, driving his Sting into himself, he dieth. Such are the Black Brothers, that cry: I am I; they that deny Love, restricting it to their own Nature. But the Serpent is the Secret Nature of Man, that is Life and Death, and maketh his Way through the Generations in Silence. And the Eagle is that Might of Love which is the Key of Magick, uplifting the Body and its Appurtenance unto High Ecstasy upon his Wings. It is by Virtue thereof that the Sphinx beholdeth the Sun unwinking, and confronteth the Pyramid without Shame.”

These words are uttered by the Magister Templi as he emerges from the Tomb in the seasonal Thelemic Cross Quarter ritual known as the Feast of the Dragon. These three forms of Scorpio  can be seen as representing three expressions of Love: Love unexpressed, Love’s physical expression and the etheric, energetic expression of Love. Also In Liber Aleph, a fourth form of Scorpio is revealed, the Dragon, which replaces the Eagle:


“Our Dragon, therefore, combining the Natures of the Eagle and the Serpent, is our Love, the Organon of our Will, by whose Virtue we perform the Work and Miracle of the One Substance, as saith thine Ancestor Hermes Trismegistus, in his Tablet of Smaragda. And this Dragon is called thy Silence, because in the Hour of his Operation that within thee which saith ‘I’ is abolished in Conjunction with the Beloved.”

In his essay Scorpio and the Love Dragon, Michael Osiris Snuffin comments:

“The Dragon is a winged serpent, a composite symbol of the physical and etheric expressions of Love. The precedent for this synthesis of the physical and spiritual is given in the first verse of Emerald Tablet of Hermes Tristmegistus:

“It is true and no lie, certain, and to be depended upon, that the superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work.”

“By changing the kerubic symbol, Crowley has changed the principal expression of Love from a spiritual bias to a synthesis and balance of its spiritual and physical expressions. Like the Son of the Tetragrammaton, the Dragon is the product and the union of the natures of both its parents, the feminine Eagle and the masculine Serpent. Thus is the Dragon the new and complete symbol of Kerubic Scorpio in the Aeon of Horus.” 

Our own celebration of the Feast of the Dragon this year will be taking place on Sunday,12 November.

AMeTh Lodge Journal III Cover
AMeTh Lodge Journal III Cover



AMeTH LODGE JOURNAL III is at the printers and will likely be available for purchase within the next two to three weeks!

Members will be able to purchase one copy each at a substantial discount on the full retail price.

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This month we have the following events coming up at the Lodge.   All dates in this bulletin are e.v. throughout:

  • Monday 6th: Thelemic Reading & Lucid Dreaming Group Meeting.
  • Sunday 12th: Thelemic Cross Quarter Ritual: Feast of the Dragon 
  • Friday 17th: Thelemic Workings.
  • Saturday 25th: Initiations Meeting.
  • Saturday 26th: Private Celebration of the Gnostic Mass.
Further details have been circulated to our subscribing members via the Secretary’s newsletter.
Love is the law, love under will.