June 2018 e.v. Bulletin

Do what thou wilt is the whole of the Law

The Sun is in Gemini, Luna waning to third quarter in Capricorn. The seventh of this month is the Feast of the Gnostic Saint Carl Kellner, in many ways the spiritual father or our Order. He was a student of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and Eastern mysticism, and travelled extensively in Europe, America and Asia Minor. During his travels, he claimed to have come into contact with the the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light and three eastern Adepts, a Sufi, Soliman ben Aifa, and two Hindu Tantrics, Bhima Sena Pratapa of Lahore and Sri Mahatma Agamya Paramahamsa. These adepts are attributed with having initiated Kellner into the use of sexual yogas in magick.

Saint Carl believed that he had discovered a key that offered a clear explanation of all the complex symbolism of Freemasonry, and opened the mysteries of Nature. He developed a desire to form an Academia Masonica which would enable all Freemasons to become familiar with all existing Masonic degrees and systems and decided that the Academia Masonica should be called Ordo Templi Orientis. His vision was of an occult inner circle of this order being organised parallel to the highest degrees of the Rite of Memphis-Misraim, teaching the esoteric Rosicrucian doctrines of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light and the key he thought he had discovered to all Masonic symbolism. Both men and women would be admitted at all levels to this order.

This month is also the month of the Summer Solstice. The Sun remains in Gemini until the day of the solstice itself on the 21st. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Atu VI, The Lovers – or: The Brothers – refers to Gemini. In the Book of Thoth, The Master Therion explains the sign of the twins as the story of Cain. Atus VI & XIV, are seen themselves as twins with each of the symbols in itself double and regarded by him as:

“..the most obscure and difficult of the Atu.” See especially the earlier description of Atu VI “..in its more primitive form..”

Liber 418 The Vision and the Voice, The Cry of the 2nd Aethyr, which is called ARN.

The key of Atu VI is seen to be that it represents the Creation of the World. In this dualism, the material world is seen as a reflection and the sign of Gemini as expanding on that dualism.

A few days after the solstice and the entry of Sol into the sign of Cancer, the 24th of the month is the Feast of St. John. In masonic symbolism, there is also the pairing of the two Johns, the baptist and the evangelist. In the interlocked six-pointed star in a form like the Golden Dawn Hexagram of Nature, St John the Baptist is represented by the inverted triangle pointing downward, the alchemical sign of water, symbolising emotional love ruled by the moon and St. John the Evangelist, whose feast celebrated on 27 December, a few days after Sol enters Capricorn and the winter solstice, is represented by the upward pointing triangle symbolising fire, the drive and will of action. When brought together, they symbolise the perfect balance of darkness and light, life and death, passion and constraint, will and emotion, summer and winter, Cancer and Capricorn.

In the Thelemic Holy Hexagram, the water and fire symbolism is reversed relative to the Hexagram of Nature:

“…the Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace; the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of prayer.”

The Book of Lies, Chapter 69.

In his commentary on this Chapter, Crowley writes:

“This chapter alludes to Levi’s drawing of the Hexagram, and is a criticism of, or improvement upon, it. In the ordinary Hexagram, the Hexagram of Nature, the red triangle is upwards, like fire, and the blue triangle downwards, like water. In the magical hexagram this is reversed; the descending red triangle is that of Horus, a sign specially revealed by him personally, at the Equinox of the Gods. (it is the flame descending upon the altar, licking up the offering.) The blue triangle represents the aspiration, since blue is the colour of devotion, and the triangle, kinetically considered, is the symbol of directed force.”


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This month we have the following events coming up at the Lodge.   All dates in this bulletin are e.v. throughout:

  • Monday, 04       Thelemic Reading and Lucid Dreaming Groups
  • Friday, 08           Working Your Degree : First Degree
  • Saturday, 09     Man of Earth Initiations Meeting
  • Sunday, 10        Celebration of the Gnostic Mass
  • Thursday, 21    Feast of the Times : Summer Solstice
  • Friday, 22          Thelemic Workings
  • Saturday, 23     Midsummer Picnic in the Park
  • Saturday, 30     Man of Earth Initiations Meeting

Further details have been circulated to our subscribing members via the Secretary’s newsletter.

Love is the law, love under will