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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The Solstice has passed, the days now slowly become shorter and the nights longer. Today, Sol is in 9º Cancer and Luna is approaching Third Quarter waning in 17º Aquarius, with the New Moon due on 13 July. Atu VII of the Thoth Tarot refers to the Zodiacal sign of Cancer, the cardinal sign of the element of Water. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, and Cancer ruled by Luna. The central and most important feature of the card is the Holy Grail at its centre:

“It is of pure amethyst, of the colour of Jupiter, but its shape suggests the full moon and the Great Sea of Binah. In the centre is radiant blood; the spiritual life is inferred; light in the darkness. These rays, moreover, revolve, emphasising the Jupiterian element in the symbol.”

From tomorrow until 11 July, the Decan of 10º to 20º Cancer is assigned in the small cards of the Thoth deck to Abundance, the Three of Cups, and the planet Mercury. Thus, this is the card that refers to the influence of Mercury in Cancer; the card of Demeter or Persephone attributed to Binah in Cups, the suit of Water:

“There is here the fulfilment of the Will of Love in abounding joy.”

Persephone ate the fruit of the pomegranate in the realms of Pluto and enabled him to hold her in the lower realms against most powerful influences. The Master Therion points out that the lesson to be taken from this story:

“…seems to be that the good things of life, although enjoyed, should be distrusted.”

Quotations from The Book of Thoth

This lesson highlights the realisation of the suffering of change that, when reflected and meditated upon, can act as a spur to remember and pursue the spiritual life and the completion of the Great Work. The suffering of change is that which is pleasant when arising, pleasant when remaining, but painful when ceasing. No matter where we find ourselves and no matter how seemingly pleasurable and attractive our situation in life, our existence, body or sensory enjoyments, because of the ubiquity and ineluctable consequences of impermanence, things cannot ever possibly remain as they are. In ceaseless change, what was previously a pleasurable experience becomes a source of suffering in the turning of Fortuna’s Wheel.

Let us seek the Grail and the Centre of the Wheel!

“Feeling, and thought, and ecstasy
Are but the cerements of Me.
Thrown off like planets from the Sun
Ye are but satellites of the One.
But should your revolution stop
Ye would inevitably drop
Headlong within the central Soul,
And all the parts become the Whole.
Sloth and activity and peace,
When will ye learn that ye must cease?”

From The Rite of Jupiter, in The Rites of Eleusis by Aleister Crowley

Wheel And — Whoa!

The Great Wheel of Samsara.

The Wheel of the Law. (Dhamma.)

The Wheel of the Taro.

The Wheel of the Heavens.

The Wheel of Life.

All these Wheels be one; yet of all these the Wheel of the TARO alone avails thee consciously.

Meditate long and broad and deep, O man, upon this Wheel, revolving it in thy mind!

Be this thy task, to see how each card springs necessarily from each other card, even in due order from The Fool unto The Ten of Coins.

Then, when thou know’st the Wheel of Destiny complete, may’st thou perceive THAT Will which moved it first. [There is no first or last.]

And lo! thou art past through the Abyss.”

The Book of Lies KEF.OH.



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