Guest Lecture – Tibetan Thanatology

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Lodge members are invited for a very special guest talk at 4pm next Saturday, 24 February to attend a lecture by Frater Secare on the fascinating subject of Tibetan Thanatology.

Abandon your notions of the past, without attributing a temporal sequence! Cut off your mental associations regarding the future, without anticipation! Rest in a spacious modality, without clinging to [the thoughts of] the present. Do not meditate at all, since there is nothing upon which to meditate. Instead, revelation will come through undistracted mindfulness — Since there is nothing by which you can be distracted.

– Bardo Thodol

This lecture aims to give a concrete and broad overview of the practices associated with death in the Tibetan traditions and topics covered will include:
  • The axiom of death, and its psychological, existential, and occult implications.
  • Phowa, the intentional separation of body and consciousness
  • Assumption of the rainbow body.
  • Dream- and sleep yoga; lucid dreams and the experience of death
  • Thukdam (postmortem meditation).
  • Sky burial.
  • Chöd.
  • Yidam in death (enlightenment through deification).
  • The Tibetan Book of the Dead.
  • Tantric self-mummification.
  • Ringsel (master relics).
  • Tulkus and emanations (reincarnation lineages).
  • The psychospiritual grammar of rebirth.
  • Bardo – the three phases of death.

Frater Secare is the President of the Proto-Electoral College of O.T.O. Sweden.

Love is the law, love under will.