Guest Lecture – The Witches’ Ointment: Demonising the Entheogenic Sacred Feminine

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Lodge members are invited for a very special guest talk at 3.30pm next Sunday, 25 June, immediately following our Celebration of the Gnosic Mass. Br. Tom Hatsis is a writer, educator, and historian with a Master’s degree in history from Queens College. The host of the website: and he has presented his research at several U.S. universities, including Yale, and published articles in the psychedelics journal Psypress U.K. He lives in New York.

During medieval times certain wise-women and local magicians concocted psychedelic potions, ointments, and powders that were used for a variety of magical and religious reasons. One of these religious practices involved a certain kind of entheogenic flying ointment used for fertility goddess worship.

Around the early 1400s some theologians debated how “witches” could fly to meet the devil at evil congregations called the Sabbat. A few of these theologians decided that these women weren’t using these entheogenic ointments to experience ecstatic revelry in the presence of the Divine Feminine, but rather were worshipping Satan.

In this talk, based upon his own landmark study of the long ignored history of psychedelic magic, Br. Tom Hatsis will unravel the journey that entheogenic flying ointments took to become the demonised “witches’ ointment” of popular imagination.

Long before “reefer madness” hysteria, long before “The War on Drugs,” long, long before successive, failed government anti-drug use campaigns, the witches’ ointment was the original anti-drug propaganda tool of both religious and secular authorities.

Signed copies of Br. Tom’s book, The Witches’ Ointment: The Secret History of Psychedelic Magic, Inner Traditions: Park Street Press, 2016, will be on sale for those interested. 

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