Crowley on Death

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.  

With the passing of Samhain, Halloween, All Saints Day, the Day of the Dead etc., and the anniversary of the Greater Feast of our own Br. Wlodek in October, death is a theme that is perhaps even more ubiquitous than usual. Death is also can be a much misunderstood and confused topic in Thelemic communities. Perhaps it should be something we should all more actively consider, contemplate and discuss.

Death is something everyone living will experience themselves as well as being affected by the death of others – family, significant others, friends, people they only know from the news, et al. The Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day and the Tibetan Bardo Thodol include accounts of the post-death journey of the individual consciousness for study and rehearsal.

In a very fraternal spirit, Br. Richard Kaczynski has shared this on his Facebook page:

“Everywhere I look, it seems like the recent deaths of brethren and other loved ones have left many in the Thelemic community struggling to cope with their losses. The pain of my brothers and sisters is my pain too, so I’m making freely available my paper, Aleister Crowley on Death: Philosophical, Technical and Practical Aspects from the NOTOCON X proceedings book, in hope that it brings into my siblings’ grief some solace and possibly inspiration for personal work. If it helps even one person to suffer less, I will be happy.”

The paper examines how the Thelemic canon and the commentaries thereon regard death; what Crowley’s writings say about how death, transmigration, and the soul operate; and Crowley’s recommended magickal exercises for understanding death or coping with loss. Be sure to also read  Liber 106: Concerning Death.

“Thank you to Sabazius X and the NOTOCON Conference Committee for agreeing wholeheartedly that helping those of us in pain is more important than selling books, and for giving me their blessing to distribute this extract. Please share, if it is your Will, with anyone who is wrestling with sadness, grief, or loss.”

The link to Br. Richard’s reflective, helpful and very informative free paper for download can be found here

Love is the law, love under will.