August 2018 e.v. Bulletin

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

In many European countries, August is the traditional summer holiday month. It is the time of Lammas, the first harvest festival of the year, the half-way point between the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox and looking forward to both the Feast of the Lion Serpent, a Thelemic ritual celebration of the astrological cross-quarter and the following Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and His Bride in the Thelemic calendar.

The Sun is now in 10° Leo, the sign of its rulership, at the beginning of the second Decan of the sign and the moon waning, close to Third Quarter following last Friday’s significant eclipse at Full with Mars in retrograde. This Decan of Leo is associated with the Six of Wands, Victory in the Thoth Tarot, representing Tiphareth in the suit of Fire, also referencing Jupiter and Leo. In this card, the Wands of the Adepts together with flames burning steadily in lamps, nine in number, signifying Yesod and Luna, Energy is represented as stabilised in reception and reflection by the Feminine. It is described as a card that …shows Energy in completely balanced manifestation.” In divinatory terms, well dignified or aspected, it can signify victory after strife, love and the pleasure gained from labour.

In the Major Arcana, Atu XI, Lust, is assigned to the sign of Leo, seen as the most powerful of the twelve Zodiacal cards, representing what the Master Therion regarded as the “most critical of all the operations of magick and alchemy.” The main subject of the card is said to refer to “the most ancient collection of legends or fables.” It is suggested that we should further study the card via the close examination of Liber XV, the text of the Celebration of the Gnostic Mass and Waratah-Blossoms in the Book of Lies is the chapter devoted to the central symbol of the card:




“Seven are the veils of the dancing-girl in the harem of IT. Seven are the names, and seven are the lamps beside Her bed. Seven eunuchs guard Her with drawn swords; No Man may come nigh unto Her. In Her wine-cup are seven streams of the blood of the Seven Spirits of God. Seven are the heads of THE BEAST whereon She rideth. The head of an Angel: the head of a Saint: the head of a Poet: the head of An Adulterous Woman: the head of a Man of Valour: the head of a Satyr: and the head of a Lion-Serpent. Seven letters hath Her holiest name; and it is

“This is the Seal upon the Ring that is on the Forefinger of IT: and it is the Seal upon the Tombs of them whom She hath slain. Here is Wisdom. Let Him that hath Understanding count the Number of Our Lady; for it is the Number of a Woman; and Her Number is An Hundred and Fifty and Six.”
As we have seen before The Vision and the Voice contains the seeds of the Atu of the Book of Thoth and is the source of some of the central spiritual doctrines of Thelema as revealed in the sublime visions of Babalon. It is there that we are referred for a further description of this central symbol of Atu XI, perhaps particularly in the vision of the Twelfth Aethyr.



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