AMeTh Lodge

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

AMeTh Lodge Lamen

AMeTh Lodge was formally Chartered by the Supreme Council of O.T.O. on 15th February 2004.e.v. to take over the work of the Order in London and is now under the Mastership of Fr. Wihtwara

Over the years the Lodge has grown considerably, continuing with a regular initiation program while increasing celebrations of the Gnostic Mass and workshops for the Membership. We now meet several times a month, providing Man of Earth initiations, Gnostic Masses, ritual workshops, literature classes and training sessions.

Following the establishment of the UK Grand Lodge of OTO under the National Grand Master General, Fr. Hyperion X°, the UK Electoral College formally granted a continued Charter for the Body on 14th July 2005e.v. AMeTh means ‘Truth’, in Hebrew.

The Lodge has certain obligations: to provide initiations from 0° to III°, to provide instruction in the form of classes and/or written materials, and to celebrate the Gnostic Mass as often as possible. We have all the facilities required to perform IV° and PI initiations and produce manuscripts, periodicals, and other publications or creations for the advancement of Thelemic studies.

It is our duty to provide these things, and we relish this duty.

Feast Of The Stars 31.01.15For membership enquires, contact AMeTh Membership.

Love is the law, love under will.