ALJIII Launch at Atlantis Bookshop, 26 January 2018 e.v.

ALJIII launch party: a joyous report

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

 Lodge members and friends of the Order gathered at the legendary Atlantis Bookshop, here in London, a few evenings ago to celebrate the long-awaited launch of the third issue of our Journal.
ALJIII Launch at Atlantis Bookshop, 26 January 2018 e.v.
During the evening, dedicated, like the Journal itself, to the memory of our Brother Wlodek, we ran a silent auction for the painting that graces the cover of the Journal, generously donated to the Lodge by the artist, Brother Asa.
Titled Divination, it’s oil on canvas, 16 x 12 inches, and framed in thin matte black. Signed and named on the back of the canvas.
Divination by Brother Asa
Divination by Brother Asa
At the end of the evening, we decided to give others the opportunity to try and win this beautiful piece of art, and the bids will continue to run for a week, ending this Saturday, 3 February 2018 e.v. at noon.
Please send your bids directly at Atlantis Bookshop, via email:
Come back and check this post daily, or follow us and Atlantis Bookshop on Twitter, for updates on the price to beat.
We will end this update, longer than the usual, with the speech that our Editor, Frater 515, shared at the end of the evening, and to renew the “call to arms” as we are already planning Issue IV – and this time we expect it to be out way sooner!

Good evening,

Well, it’s nice to be back! One of the strangest – and perhaps most valuable – things about being away for lengthy periods of time from the place you call home is the different perspective this affords. Objects and locations from your previous everyday experience – where perhaps familiarity might have bred complacency – are seen anew. And if London – which Soror I tells me falls under Mercury’s sign of Gemini – may be called a Theatre of Initiations, then Atlantis, I think, can be described as a portal to the world of Magick. There is nowhere quite like it – certainly not in the Europe of my travels – and a list of the Adepts who have walked through these doors would read like a roll call of the Great and the Good – or, if you prefer, the Big and the Bad – of that most marvellous science and art of effecting change in accordance with Will. And, of course, Thoth, Hermes, Mercury – by whatever name I might call this aspect of the divine which is Man – is both god of Magick and of writing. So, I can think of no better place to launch this, the third issue of AMeTh Lodge Journal.

So why devote the time and energy to produce such a publication? In short, what is the willed idea behind it? Well, first and foremost – if we are doing it right – by devoting our energy and our creative and analytical capacities, this physical object, our Heh final, becomes imbued with the spirit that animates our endeavours – the so-called 93 current which used Aleister Crowley for its initial vehicle of formal expression. As such, this physical object constitutes nothing less than a talisman with which to attract those who – I paraphrase Professor Snape – might have the disposition to seek initiation into that current as manifested by O.T.O. – the first of the great Old Aeon orders to accept the Book of the Law.

Almost of equal importance, I think, is the opportunity it provides to members of AMeTh Lodge – and indeed other O.T.O. bodies in the UK – for self-expression. Magick is a living thing, its essence is change. Journals such as ours are platforms to showcase what contemporary occultists or, in our case – and I am sure I do them no wrong if I call them thus, Thelemites –  are thinking, what they are doing. There is a rawness that fully-formed books often don’t possess, a feeling of work-in- progress, similar perhaps to what you might get to visiting the studio of a painter, rather than viewing the finished work in an art gallery. And indeed, who’s to say that the act of writing out that sudden idea you get in the form of an article, or a short story, or working up that image you glimpse in your mind’s eye into a painting, might not inspire a lengthier piece of work that might, at some future date, end up as a tome that graces these very shelves, or perhaps a painting that might one day find itself next to that of Mr Mathers up there. In short, by contributing to the Journal you embark on a journey whose destination lies wreathed in mystery.

And, it’s fair to say, that just as every journey has its annoyances, the Journal has its editor one of those things that you just have to grin and bear – as you do a slightly irksome ticket inspector, or the ladies and gentleman that work in passport control at Heathrow. But if that hasn’t altogether put you off and you find your Will turning in that direction, then we’ll certainly do our very best to publish what you send us.

So what might be the impressions of the casual reader who alights on this Journal like some bibliophilic butterfly drawn into the energy net of our talisman? Well, I am certain they will be impressed. First, we have the wonderful cover picture provided by Brother Asa – who, incidentally, has generously offered the original painting for auction with the proceeds going to the Lodge. I’ll just briefly explain how this will work. We will start the auction off at £200 and will be taking sealed bids tonight. The auction will run until next Saturday (3 rd Feb) 12pm when the winning bid will be announced. Each day we will publish the current highest bid. If you wish to leave a bid, tonight you can leave a sealed bid with Bali and after tonight please get in touch with Atlantis and tell them how much you’d like to bid. So, get bidding!

To return to the Journal itself, what’s inside is pretty good too – whether this be Thaumast‘s learned exposition on Geomancy, a veritable primer on that most sublime and difficult art; Brother Dave‘s discussion of the occult history of Algol, Brother Franc‘s analysis of the notorious Heh-Tzaddi switch, or Sister Tonelise‘s insights into the nature of the Tarot Aces. And that’s not to forget the ritual material, both that of Brother Reuben, as well as that pertaining to the mysterious Lucid Dreaming Group –  just going to pinch myself here to check I’m not
dreaming: ow! – no I’m not. And besides all of that there are poems, there is artwork and there’s even a short-story, the author being a certain Luxor Tenebris – ahem, a most dubious- sounding individual, if you ask me. I’s a really wonderful collection of work – in my admittedly biased opinion – and all for the very reasonable price of £25.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every contributor to this issue of ALJ, including those who helped behind the scenes on the marketing effort. Thank you.

A special word of thanks here to two people who were absolutely instrumental in bringing this idea to manifestation. Firstly, to Soror Dahud-Ahes for her tireless help in managing the project, not least when it came to rounding up submissions from those who had – like wayward goats towards milking time – strayed from the path of punctuality, perhaps tempted by the alluring thistles of torpor. And, lastly, but most gratefully, I’d like to offer my profound thanks to Frater Lamogue whose brilliance as a designer, as a craftsman and artificer of books, shows through in every page. Without him, it just wouldn’t have been possible.

Finally, as you will all be aware, this particular issue is dedicated to Brother Wlodek, who relatively recently celebrated his Greater Feast. To paraphrase Liber XV, May there be granted unto him the accomplishment of his Will. I’ll also like to add to that: If ever there was a chap who appreciated a good party, it was him. He was a true bon viveur, a bright star.

So, on that note, I point you in the direction of the ‘vats of the storied sun’, remind you to be assiduous in your worship of Dionysus – not forgetting ‘the eight and ninety rules of art’ of course – and thank you for coming out on this rather cold London night to celebrate with us here in this place and at this time, the launch of this, the third issue of AMeTh Lodge Journal.

AMeTh Lodge Journal III Cover
AMeTh Lodge Journal III Cover
AMeTh LODGE JOURNAL III is available now. 

Members of the Lodge can purchase one copy each at a substantial discount on the full retail price.

Order your copy here.

Love is the law, love under will.